Traffic Impact Study

A traffic impact study or traffic impact assessment is a study which
assesses the effect that a particular development has on the transportation network.

A traffic impact study is generally required by roads authorities to evaluate the impact of a change in land use. These studies are a part of the mandatory process to be followed by an applicant to obtain new land use rights. A traffic impact study vary in complexity depending on the size of the development, the current and proposed land use and the location of the development. Various traffic engineering concepts and principles are applied while conducting a traffic impact assessment. We have conducted traffic impact study for various developments comprising of residential, business, retail, industrial and offices. We have also conducted studies for filling stations, mixed use developments and also transit oriented developments.

What does a Traffic Impact Study entail?

There are several steps within a Traffic Impact Study or Assessment (TIA) The typical 4 steps in a TIA are trip generation, trip distribution, mode choice and assignment. The next step in a TIA is capacity analyses to determine the spare capacity on the transport network. Based on the available capacity, possible road upgrades will be proposed in the traffic impact assessment. Specific assistance is given to identify road upgrades, to ensure that a realistic first order road upgrade costing is provided. This will take into account the physical site limitations that might have an impact on the final road upgrades to be recommended. In the process, Koleko ensures that the applicant gets the value for money.

Koleko has conducted several TIAs for various private developers, mines, energy companies and filling stations. Koleko has extensive experience in conducting traffic studies for residential developments, retail, offices, businesses and also mixed use developments. We are familiar with the standards and requirements prescribed by the various municipalities and road authorities. While conducting the study, we adhere to the traffic impact study standards and technical specifications. This ensures a quick approval of the study, causing little delay to the development.

A traffic impact study is generally used to:

KOLEKO | Transportation Planning | Traffic Engineering Consultants Traffic-Impact-Assessment Traffic Impact Study
  • Assess impact of traffic due to new development (or re-development)
  • Support comprehensive plan amendments
  • Rezoning applications
  • Subdivision of land applications
  • Obtain site plan approvals
  • Obtain driveway or access permits
  • As a part of environmental impact assessment
  • Prepare traffic mitigation plans
  • Determine developer /bulk contribution
  • Determine cost apportionment
  • Development access/egress and on-site circulation plans

Road Closures & Traffic Calming in Residential Areas

Traffic impact study needs to be conducted for enclosed neighborhoods and street closures. In South Africa, neighbourhood / home owners’ associations often pursue road closures in order to reduce crime. The home owners associations have also approached us to reduce cut through traffic through their residential area and to help reduce speeds on their residential streets. Traffic calming includes physical design and measures that are put in place with the intention of reducing or slowing motor vehicles thereby improving safety of pedestrians and cyclists, especially in residential neighbourhoods.

Several important aspects need to be taken into consideration, such as the need for community involvement, the relevant road hierarchy, horizontal and/or vertical deviations required to achieve traffic calming objectives, pedestrian accessibility, existing public transport, schedule and routes of garbage trucks, and the role that decision makers play in the traffic calming process.

Orange Farms Shopping Center – Traffic Impact Study

The proposed shopping center is located in Orange Farms, Johannesburg. The developer appointed Koleko to conduct a traffic impact study for the proposed development. The study investigated the impact of the additional traffic generated from the proposed shopping center on the immediate surrounding road network. The study determined the need for road upgrades to mitigate the anticipated traffic impact.

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Van Riebeeck Street Closure – Traffic Impact Study

Van Riebeeck is a residential neighbourhood in Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality. The neighbourhood recently experienced a spike in crime. In order to address the issue of rising crime, the  residents via the home owners association applied for a road closure. The home owners association appointed Koleko to conduct a traffic study to evaluate the impact of the proposed road closures. The road closure would result in traffic redistribution in the area. The redistribution of traffic would have a negative impact on some of the intersections. The objective of the study was therefore to evaluate the traffic impact of the proposed road closures.The results of the road closure were compiled into a report and submitted to the road authorities for approval. There were no objections and comments from the road authorities. Subsequently, the relevant road authorities approved the traffic impact study report.

Koleko has successfully completed over 10 road closures in the past few years.

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Residential Development – Traffic Impact Study

Koleko conducted a traffic impact study for a residential development comprising of over 350 houses. A traffic survey was conducted to determine the existing traffic demand in the area. The Technical Methods for Highways (TMH) 16 and 17 – South African Trip Manual methodology was used to estimate the expected trips from the proposed development. Then the project team estimated the total traffic for the existing and the future (horizon) years. Based on the Highway Capacity Manual (2010) methodology, the team determined the intersection operations and level of service of the intersections.

Koleko’s engineers and planners determined the road upgrades required to accommodate the traffic from the development. The team of traffic engineers and transport planners developed a conceptual drawing of the road upgrades along with preliminary cost estimates. The team determined the cost apportionment and the bulk services contribution.