Introduction to Our Services


Data forms the crux of any of the engineering or planning work that we do. So natually, we collect, clean, analyse and interpret data. The results of the analysis gives us insights into issues and trends

Koleko d1.1 Data Collection & Analysis
We have experience dealing with both quantitative data (numbers that can be mathematically analysed and represented) and qualitative data (a narrative describing in words the stories, opinions or interpretations of people).
Koleko d2.2 Data Collection & Analysis
Household surveys, origin-destination survey, parking, turning movement counts, link counts, public transport ridership, non-motorised users, freight vehicles, number plate or licence plate survey, user experience surveys are just some of the surveys that we have conducted in the past.
Koleko d3.3 Data Collection & Analysis
The use of technology (cameras, sensors, loop detectors, bluetooth readers) enable us to collect comprehensive data over a longer period of time – even several weeks and months.
Koleko d4.4 Data Collection & Analysis
The use of statistical tools and tests validate the quality of the data collected with a high level of confidence. Regression analysis may provide further insights.


  • Current public transport record (CPTR) reports
  • Parking surveys
  • Qualitative surveys (questionnaires / interviews)
  • Traffic counts / surveys


Koleko maps-04-scaled Data Collection & Analysis

Project Name Project LocationClient Name
Nkangala District Integrated Transport PlanNkangala, South AfricaNkangala District Municipality
Non-Motorised Transport Studies and Road Safety Assessments on National Road R555 and National Road R579Limpopo, South AfricaSouth African National Roads Agency
Kya Sands Traffic CountsJohannesburg, South AfricaPrivate Company
Design Build Operate Maintain KwaZulu-Natal Monthly ReportingKwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaSouth African National Roads Agency
N12 Road Safety StudyNorth West, South AfricaSouth African National Roads Agency
Design Build Operate Maintain Western Cape Monthly ReportingWestern Cape, South AfricaSouth African National Roads Agency
Road Safety Appraisal for Joyner and Prospecton Roads, DurbanDurban, South AfricaeThekwini Municipality
Thembisile Hani Local Integrated Transport PlanMiddelburg, South AfricaThembisile Hani Local Municipality
Road Accident Data Management System (RADMS), Lesotho Maseru, Kingdom of Lesotho Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Summit Road Traffic CountsJohannesburg, South AfricaPrivate Company
District Integrated Transport Plan for OR Tambo District MunicipalityEastern Cape, South AfricaOR Tambo District Municipality