Orange Farm Shopping Center Traffic Impact Study

The proposed shopping center is located in Orange Farms, Johannesburg. Koleko Solutions was appointed to conduct a traffic impact study.

The study investigated the impact of the additional traffic generated by the proposed shopping center on the immediate surrounding road network and it determined the need for road upgrades to mitigate the anticipated traffic impact.

The proposed development was approximately 1 250 sqm in area, with a permissible height of 2 storeys and a coverage of about 65%. The road network in the immediate vicinity of the site was predominantly class 5 roads. The class 5 roads had very little vehicular traffic. For the traffic impact study, traffic counts were conducted at the neighbouring intersections during the weekday AM and PM peak period, in addition to Saturday midday period.

The expected trip generation from the development was estimated based on the South African Trip Data Manual (Committee of Transport Officials, 2012). Given the socioeconomic of the area and low car ownership, trip generation reduction factors were applied to the traffic impact study. The reduction factors were determined from the Technical Methods for Highways 17 (TMH 17) manual. The TMH 17 manual also allows for further reduction of trips for mixed use developments and transit nodes. However, in the case of this traffic impact study, the reduction factor for mixed use development and transit nodes were not applied.

Assumptions with respect to the expected trip distribution were made based on the location of the site access in relation to the surrounding road network, the existing traffic volumes, travel patterns as well as the land use nature of the proposed development. Based on the assumptions made, the impact of the proposed developmental traffic on the road network was determined. The results of the operational analysis of the intersections were compared across various scenarios. The traffic impact study found that the impact of vehicular traffic on the road network would be very small and insignificant.

The number of customers using public transport, walking and bicycling was expected to be high. The City of Johannesburg Household Travel Survey (2013) showed that walking and mini-bus taxi are the main modes of transport in the Orange Farm area. The existing public transport stop is about 350m from the entrance of the proposed development. Thus the site is reasonable well located in terms of public transport accessibility. One of the recommendations of the traffic impact study was that a taxi lay-by be implemented adjacent to the entrance of the shopping center. The traffic study also recommended that the sidewalk from the shopping center to the existing public transport stop be upgraded, while meeting the minimum standards.