Introduction to Our Services

Koleko offers a variety of complementary services, which can be utilised to solve complex challenges within the built environment. The value-add of our involvement extends over the life cycle of a project, which entails identifying the problem, generating and evaluating alternative solutions, selecting the most appropriate solution and implementing it successfully. We specialise in the following services:

We specialise in the following services:

Traffic engineering

Traffic engineering focuses largely on the optimal and safe flow of people and goods. It is the core of what we do, encompassing several types of studies, such as traffic impact studies, parking studies, capacity analyses and safety studies.

Our sub-services:

  • Access management
  • Asset management
  • Capacity analyses
  • Geometric design(road/stormwater / intersection /
    traffic calming measures)
  • Outdoor advertisement
  • Parking studies
  • Road / traffic safety
  • Road closures
  • Section 7 reports
  • Simulation studies
  • Toll road studies
  • Traffic calming
  • Traffic counts
  • Traffic impact studies / statments
  • Traffic management plans
  • Traffic signals
  • Transportation modelling (micro)
  • Travel demand management

Integrated Transportation Planning

In transportation planning we focus mainly on the planning of available and future transport infrastructure in an integrated manner, with the aim of ensuring the safe, convenient, economical and environmentally friendly movement of people and goods.

Our sub-services :

  • Feasibility studies
  • Grant evalution and monitoring
  • Guidelines, requirements, and specification
  • Integrated transport plans (ITps)
  • Non-motorised transport planning
  • Policy development
  • Research
  • Road master plans / road network planning
  • Rural transport
  • Transport logistics
  • Transportation master plans
  • Transportation modelling (macro)
  • Transportation studies (including logistics and economics)

Public Transport & Transportation Systems

We address public transport and transportation systems planning by focusing on the traditional commuter rail system and high-speed rail as the backbone. We integrate minibus taxis and commuter buses (including bus rapid transport (BRT) systems) into the planning process to support and provide efficiency to the overall transport system.

Our sub-services :

  • Systems planning (transport modelling, feasibility,roll-out
    plans, route planning, fleet size, bus specification, operational
    plans, finacing plans and budgeting)
  • Advanced public Transport Management Sys tems (APTMS)
  • Automation Fare Collection (AFC)
  • Operations (scheduling)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Public transport facility design
  • Public transport planning

Data Collection & Analysis

Data forms the crux of any planning or design work that we do. We collect, process, analyse and interpret data. The results of these analyses give us insight into trends and problem definition.

Our sub-services :

  • Household surveys
  • Traffic counts / surveys
  • Parking surveys
  • Passenger surveys
  • Pedestrian and non-motorised transport surveys
  • Current public Transport Record (CPTR) reports
  • Qualitative surveys (questionnaires / interviews)

Project Management

Our project management services include guidance throughout the different cycles of a project. Concepts such as integration, scope, timescale, budget, quality, human resources, communications, risk mitigation and stakeholders form part of our deliverables.

Our sub-services :

  • Programme management
  • Project management
  • Budgeting and invoicing planning

Construction Supervision

Our focus on construction supervision is to ensure compliance with the approved contract documents and other relevant requirements set in the detail design phase.

Our sub-services :

  • Tender documentation
  • Site supervision and reporting
  • Project close-out

Town Planning

Town planning involves the planning and design of our cities, towns and places. Through our services we manage the social, environmental and economic needs of communities.

Our sub-services :

  • Land Use Management (LUM)
  • Spatial planning
  • Urban designs