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Construction supervision involves the ongoing oversight and coordination of the project’s human resources, delivery time, costs / budget, risks and quality.

The main focus of construction supervision is to ensure compliance with the approved construction and contract documents, as well as the project schedule and other relevant requirements set by the project.


  • Site supervision (traffic engineering improvements)


KOLEKO | Transportation Planning | Traffic Engineering Consultants maps-06-scaled Construction  Supervision
Project Name Project LocationClient Name
Hector Peterson / Wonderboom Traffic Signal DesignsTshwane, South AfricaCity of Tshwane
Tshwane Rapid Transit Turn around Facility Traffic Signal DesignTshwane, South AfricaCity of Tshwane
Paul Kruger Street / Transnet Avenue Intersection Traffic Signal DesignTshwane, South AfricaCity of Tshwane
Mozal Road Widening Maputo, MozambiquePrivate Company
Tshwane Rapid Transit Signage and Wayfinding Tshwane, South AfricaCity of Tshwane & A Re Yeng