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Town planning involves the planning and design of our cities, towns and places. Town planners manage the social, environmental and economical needs of the community. Sustainability, poverty, equality, climate change and accessibility are some of the challenges that are considered while planning the future of our towns, villages and cities.

Spatial planning deals with the planning of future spatial distribution of activities. The objective is to organise the various land uses in a rational manner and provide linkages with them. Through an IDP (for example), the municipality would be able to coordinate and improve the impacts of the sectoral policies on land use, in order to achieve a more even distribution of economic development within a given territory than it would otherwise be created by market forces. Spatial planning is therefore an important lever for promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life.


  • Land use management (LUM)
  • Spatial planning
  • Urban designs


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Project Name Project LocationClient Name
Forest Hill Master PlanTshwane, South AfricaPrivate Company
Newtown Urban Development FrameworkJohannesburg, South AfricaJohannesburg Development Agency
Ivory Park Master PlanJohannesburg, South AfricaCity of Johannesburg